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Meeting with the Director of Asylum

Following worrying testimonies from Ezidi refugees that we have visited around France, VOE voiced its concerns to OFPRA (Office Français de Protection des Réfugiés et des Apatrides). Few weeks later we were invited on the 4th December by the Director of Asylum for a meeting in the Ministère de l'Intérieur in France. During the meeting, we were able to voice our concerns on the immigration and integration process.


Together with the Director and his team, we have discussed different aspects of the process, in which we could cooperate in order to improve the situation of the families. We notably discussed about : 

- Bringing a more efficient psychological support to the survivors who arrived in France, through a cooperation between the Ministère and Voice of Ezidis with an establish channel of communication.

- Create social bounds to facilitate the integration of refugees : organization of events promoting cultural exchanges between French, Ezidis and other refugee and migrant communities. 

- Organize seminars for social workers to sensitize them on the case of Ezidi refugees and the best practices to create a safe space for all.

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