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What We Do

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Voice of Ezidis is a Non-Governmental Organization created in 2019 by four survivors of the Ezidi genocide which began in August 2014 by the so-called Islamic State organization. 

The foundation of our organization was the consequences of years of volunteering for diverse International Organizations and NGOs while living in the Internally Displaced Camps of Iraq. 


The association focuses on 3 areas of action in the fight for the promotion of fundamental human rights of the Ezidi people and the eradication of the ongoing discrimination against the Ezidi community:

Education & Awareness 

Education is an imperative source in ending the injustices faced by the Ezidi community. It is through this endeavour that we can hope to achieve a society that is aware of the Ezidi community’s existence and prior traumas. This is why the mission of education is at the heart of every VOE action.


Our organization is strongly involved in the sponsorship, settlement, and protection of refugee Ezidi women and children in France. Through the integration of refugees, VOE assists newcomers to access services, promotes the rights of children and newcomer youth, and aids in refugee resettlement.


We meet with important actors of public policy to put forward concrete proposals for the protection of refugees, such as our collaboration with the Minister of the Interior of France.

Let’s Work Together

500 Terry Francois Street 

San Francisco, CA 94158

Tel: 123-456-7890

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