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Voice of Ezidis was officially born in 2019, however VOE has acted in aid and support of the Ezidi displaced community in Iraq through the individual action of the president and its members since 2014.

You will find below the projects in which Farhad and the other founders of the organization have been working on. 
To find more about our current projects, check the following links for the French projects and the Iraqi ones.



One of the activities of the founder and current members of VOE within the various IDPs camps has been to support Ezidi women, who survived ISIS violence, to help them recover emotional and mental stability.

VOE started an activity based on the use of animals as a therapeutic pathway, because, as shown by various studies (Grandgeorge, M. & Hausberger, M. (2011). Human-animal relationships: From daily life to animal assisted therapies. Animal-Assisted Interventions in Mental Health, 47(4), 397–408.), the presence of animals can induce a state of general well-being and stimulate the development of social and emotional ties. This activity involved more than 150 women and their children, present in the Sardashty IDP camp in Sinjar  and Khanki camp in Duhok region.

The founder and current members of VOE have encouraged the creation of two centers for children between 7 and 12 years old.


The first center was created in Khanki - Duhok for Internally Displaced Youth in partnership with OURBRIDGE NGO. The second is located in Khanki village, built thanks to SCO- Shengal Charity Organization.

The establishment of these centers was intended to create a positive environment to allow children to recover the joy of childhood. In these centers, various activities have been developed, including film forums, recreational activities, educational courses and health communication campaigns.


Displacement of a population always affects health status and health care. For this reason, the founder and current members of VOE have decided to commit themselves to ensure at least minimum standards and to  prevent the spread of epidemics or diseases within IDP camps.

In several camps, health information campaigns have been activated. Notably, thanks to the joint action with our partner OURBRIDGE NGO, it has been possible to build a bathroom in the Sardashty and Khanki camps in Sinjar, which is available to all camp residents. 

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