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Education &  Awareness

Our organization is strongly involved in the sponsorship, settling and protection of refugee Ezidi women and children in France. Voice Of Ezidis assists newcomers in their access to services, promotes the rights of children and youth and helps in refugee resettlement.

Although several Ezidi activists were awarded prizes for their fight, the most known of them being the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize Nadia Murad, Ezidis’ story is still relatively unknown or disregarded. Sharing the testimonies of the survivors, raising awareness about the Ezidi people and its history in France and beyond through conferences, seminars and cultural exchange meetings is one of our goals.


We aim at being an important actor of the education of the general public about our cause, in order to ensure a better understanding of the Ezidi genocide and the Ezidis in general, their culture and traditions. We wish to take part in the conversations on human rights, crimes against humanity and genocide, developping a ground and research-based expertise to intervene in academic and activist gatherings. 

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