How it Started

Arriving in France

Farhad Shamo Roto arrived in France at the end of 2017 after seeking asylum from Iraq. He lived in the Drôme region of France, a place that has a heritage of welcoming refugees since the last century, especially Armenians. 

He then moved to Paris to do a Service Civique in a European organization fighting against racism and discrimination on the continent. This first experience gave him the necessary knowledge and insights to found of Voice of Ezidis. He also met a dynamic team of young activists who followed him through his journey.

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Farhad Shamo Roto

VOE Logo
Starting VOE

Voice of Ezidis was officially launched in May 2019 in Valence. The following month it was officially registered as an NGO in France. 

Composed of a young team with diverse backgrounds and experiences, our organization was built on the idea of inclusivity, diversity, humanism and solidarity. 

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