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The association Voice of Ezidis, co-founded in Paris in 2019 by survivors of the 2014 genocide perpetrated by the so-called Islamic State, is committed to the support of the Ezidi community, both in France, where some refugee families have fled since the beginning of the genocide, and in Iraq, where a lot of Ezidis still reside. Voice of Ezidis defends the rights of the Ezidi people and advocates for the awareness and recognition of the genocide it endured in 2014. 


To help us in our endeavours, we can count on a network of partners sharing the same objectives as us.



C'est un engagement volontaire au service de l'intérêt général ouvert aux 16-25 ans, élargi à 30 ans aux jeunes en situation de handicap. Accessible sans condition de diplôme, le Service Civique est indemnisé et s'effectue en France ou à l'étranger.

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“Nobody's Listening is a moving exhibition that pays tribute to the courage of the survivors of genocide and amplifies their call for justice”

AMAL CLOONEY, barrister

Working together on: Nobody’s Listening and Advocacy 


The Institut de l'Engagement was created in 2012 in order to promote volunteerism and to accompany young people who made this choice in their projects.

Farhad became laureate of the institute in 2019 and Voice of Ezidis benefit from accompaniment from professionals and experts.

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Yezidi Emergency Support is dedicated to actively helping on the ground Ezidis in Iraq, particularly survivors of ISIS captivity in need by providing aid, healthcare and education to improve their living situation and to alleviate their suffering. 

Working together on: Sponsorship program 


Farida Global Organzation was created by Farida Khalaf, a survivor from the 2014 genocide who was enslaved by ISIS and other survivors, activists and volunteers. The goal of the organization is to five a voice, assist and advocate for vulnerable people, minority groups and genocide victims. 

Working together on: Ezidi Youth Network 


Our vision is to provide a beacon of hope, a place of sanctuary, a place where women can come to be fortified internally, whatever their background, creed, or colour. It is a place where women can be safe to explore their inner journey, find the greatness of companionship, discover what we are here to do, and find ways to be useful to others.

It’s a place where young women can learn dignity, self-respect and the joy of being female. A place where women further along the road of life can share their wisdom. It is a place where we can get to understand more about relationships, the male gender, love, success, creativity and how to establish a real mutuality and understanding between men and women so that we can work together for our future.

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Since its inception in 2016, the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children has worked on multiple levels to achieve our vision: a world in which every child grows up safe and secure. We offer an opportunity for groups of all kinds — from governments to international organisations to children themselves — to work together to prevent and respond to violence on an unprecedented level.

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Created in the aftermath of the genocide, Yazda mission is to prevent future genocides against the Ezidi community and other minorities, and to assist them to recover from the 2014 genocide. 

Yazda is a multinational organization with offices in 7 countries that have been pivotal in the response to the genocide by providing consistent support to the survivors and the inhabitants of the IDP camps in the North of Iraq. Yazda is a multifaceted organization, working on encompassing projects around the genocide, the psychological rehabilitation of survivors and the rehabilitation of Northern Irak. 

Our relationship with Yazda dates back from the early age of the organization when our President, Farhad Shamo Roto, was volunteering for them. 

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Shingal Charity Organization is a NGO registered in Baghdad and Erbil. It works to support and assist displaced people in the North of Iraq and the Shingal region and support the women and children who have survived from ISIS captivity  The organization works on Construction projects, water supply, agriculture, Culture, Education and Human Resources. Since the 3rd of August 2014 they have been working continuously.

Working Together on: House building and Educational center


Eyzidi Organization for Documentation is a civil organization working on issues documenting the genocide that occurred against the EzidisThe organization works on documenting cases of the genocide, including the documentation of the number of kidnapped people, died on the mountain, and those who are in captivity. It also documents the cases of mass graves, the missing people, the survivors, in addition to working on advocacy campaigns for the recognition of the Genocide at the national and international level.


We are a community of Yazidi working with a diverse group of lawyers, law students and human rights activists, all united by our commitment to justice and protection of human rights. Our aim is to empower and support the Yazidi in their struggle to access justice for the crimes committed by ISIS in 2014.

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