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Share the stories of the survivor, and enhance the general awareness of the French people, Europeans and the global community as a whole.

While Nadia Murad became the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize and several other Ezidi activists were awarded prizes for their fight, the Ezidi case is still relatively unknown or disregarded. 

This mission is central to every events and actions we organize. 

Our project is to create activities, such as conferences, seminars and workshops to raise awareness among the general public. Through this event, we aim at spreading knowledge about the genocides but also about the Ezidi culture, history and traditions in general. 


• Ensure a better understanding of the Ezidi genocide and the Ezidis in general 
• Intervene in conferences on genocide studies, human trafficking, Human Rights and crimes against Humanity.
• Create a safe space to exchange between people  
• Networking with national and international NGOS 

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