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Provide welcoming communities and Ezidi refugees with a space to exchange, discover each other and learn about their respective culture, history and traditions.

Since 2014, the number of Ezidis refugees in France and Europe has increased. The particular case of religious minorities in the Middle East during ISIS' the territorial expansion got the attention of European leaders, with some of them launching special admission programs for the survivors.
In France, it was done in 2018 by Emmanuel Macron, the French president, and the Nobel Peace Prize, Nadia Murad. It welcomed 100 families in the country. 
While this represent a great opportunity for the survivors to rebuild themselves in a safer environment, the program is at the image of the whole refugee system in France: defective.

Many refugees are let months without any French classes and very few actions are lead to integrate these families in their new communities.

Our goal is to offer Ezidi refugees and host communities a safe space to exchange, discover one another, learn about their respective cultures, history and traditions. We are doing this through the organization of conferences, seminars, cultural exchanges events organized at the local level.

• Ensure a better integration of Ezidi refugees by favoriting contacts with the host communities
• Raise awareness in the host communities against the history and the sufferings of the Ezidi community, and the difficulties of asylum seekers/refugees in France
• Create a safe space to exchange and talk freely
• Advocate for better governmental integration procedures
• Lobby the French government to create a real psychological follow-up with all refugees coming from war zones or who suffered psychological trauma.

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