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Psychological Help

Psychological Assistance Project For Ézidi Women Refugees In France

After the 2014 genocide committed by Daesh against the ezidi community, the systematic execution of men, the kidnapping and enslavement of women and children, many ezidi families found refuge in France.


Despite the facilitation of administrative procedures and a warm welcome from local communities in certain regions, ezidi families settled in France are still suffering from the after-effects and traumas due to the atrocities suffered in Iraq.


In order to see Ezidi women and their children rebuild themselves, Voice of Ezidis is working on a psychological support project for refugee women in France.


After visiting families all over France, Voice of Ezidis realized the urgent need for serious psychological assistance for many Ezidi women residing in France. This suffering is due, in large part, to the memory of the genocide, sexual slavery, the estrangement from their families and their loss of bearings in France. This suffering prevents them from rebuilding and flourishing in their new host country.


Voice of Ezidis is convinced that there can be no real integration without addressing the issue of mental well-being, especially in the case where the victims have suffered transgenerational trauma, psychological, physical and sexual violence, as is the case for ezidi women.


Voice of Ezidis aims to make mental health a priority as part of the integration of women so that they can finally consider prospects for the future.

The association is working on the implementation of a psychiatric support program with psychiatrists specializing in traumatology. VOE would like to deploy an aid system for 150 women throughout France through individual consultations, by physical or telematic means.


Beyond direct assistance to victims, this program would help to better understand the living conditions of Yezidi women in France, to a meticulous examination of their material and social needs as well as an awareness-raising tool for  institutions and civil society.

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