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Sinjar Education Center

Educational Center In Sinjar

After the 2014 genocide, survivors lost everything and were forced to leave their homes, schools, universities or jobs. The survivors were sent to camps for internally displaced people, where today more than 300,000 of them have been living for more than 8 years.


Many of them preferred to stay in the villages, living in houses or makeshift camps. One of these villages is Sinjar. Thus, for more than eight years, many Ezidis have lived on Mount Sinjar, in northern Iraq, in precarious conditions. Despite the presence of certain organizations, the infrastructure remains insufficient.


Voice of Ezidis wishes to revive the region of Sinjar, culturally and economically. To do this, we have started, with the help of many partners, the construction of an education center for the most vulnerable populations. 


In partnership with Shingal Charity Organization, EagleWatch Foundation and Fundacja Pomocy Dzieciom, we started construction of this center in early 2020.


The main objectives of the project are to support the victims of the genocide, to support the people who suffered in the prisons of Daesh, the orphans who lost their parents.

The center aims to promote the education of women and girls at the top of Sinjar mountain. Arabic and English courses are provided there to facilitate integration into access to employment. Computers and computer courses are available as well as fun and educational activities for children from 6 to 16 years old.

 The estimated number of beneficiaries is estimated at 200 women, but we strive to welcome all those who wish and can take these courses.

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